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At PopHoe.com, we understand the heartbeat of the music industry. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, seasoned singer, or a beat wizard, we’re here to amplify your sound and elevate your presence.

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Expertise in Music Promotion

Our team comprises seasoned music enthusiasts and marketing experts. We understand the industry trends, platforms, and what it takes to make your music stand out.

Tailored Packages for Every Artist

No two artists are the same, and neither should their promotions be. Our packages are meticulously crafted to suit various needs and budgets, ensuring that each artist gets the attention they deserve.

Realize Your Music Dreams With Us

PopHoe.com is not just a service provider; we are your partners in turning dreams into hits. We believe in your music's potential, and our goal is to help you realize it.

Our Showcase

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Exclusive Package - Celestial Harmony

Elevate Your Melodies to the Cosmos!

Tailored solutions starting at $399/month

Introducing Celestial Harmony, our Exclusive Package designed for those who dare to dream beyond the stars. Ignite your sonic brilliance with a comprehensive suite of services, including dynamic social media mastery, professional sound engineering excellence, and global promotion. This package is meticulously curated for artists seeking the pinnacle of musical success.

Key Features:

  • Celestial Social Media Mastery
  • Professional Sound Engineering Excellence
  • Global Promotion and Industry Elite Relations
  • Captivating Content Creation Extravaganza

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time

Essential Package - Harbor Beats Hub

Your Hub for Sonic Ascension!

Starting at $189/month

Harbor Beats Hub, our Essential Package, is crafted for those ready to make impactful waves in the music scene. Enjoy impactful social media presence, professional sound engineering, and strategic global promotion. This package strikes the perfect balance, providing essential elements for artists ready to amplify their sound without compromising quality.

Key Features:

  • Impactful Social Media Presence 
  • Professional Sound Engineering Boost
  • Global Promotion and Strategic Industry Relations
  • Engaging Content Creation Experience

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time

Starter Package - Ripple Rhythm Launch

Ignite Your Musical Journey!

Affordable packages starting at $39/month

Ripple Rhythm Launch, our Starter Package, is the perfect kickstart to your musical adventure. Lay a solid foundation with engaging social media presence, essential content creation, and valuable industry insights. This package is designed to empower artists at the beginning of their journey, providing fundamental tools and strategic guidance to pave the way for future success.

Key Features:

  • Engaging Social Media Kickstart
  • Essential Content Creation Foundation
  • Industry Insights and Market Research Basics

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time

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Our People

Meet the heartbeat behind PopHoe.com – a powerhouse of professionals and specialists in the music marketing promotion agency industry. Our team is a symphony of talents and expertise, each member contributing a unique note to our collective success.

Omila Mannapperuma, a multifaceted talent as a singer/songwriter, guitarist, pianist, mixing/mastering enthusiast, and marketer, embarked on his musical journey in 2011. After relocating to the USA in 2016, he made a remarkable transition to become a serial entrepreneur. Leveraging his diverse skill set, Omila identified a market gap and founded PopHoe.com in 2019, using his marketing acumen to create a platform that swiftly became a haven for independent artists.

Omila Mannapperuma

Beyond our founder, our team comprises professionals and specialists with a shared passion for music and a commitment to excellence. From social media maestros to content creation virtuosos, each member contributes to the vibrant melody that is PopHoe.com.
The Team

The Collective Force

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At PopHoe.com, we don’t just promote music; we orchestrate success stories. Our commitment goes beyond marketing; it’s about sculpting soundscapes that resonate, making dreams audible, and transforming beats into legacies.

Choose PopHoe.com, where expertise meets innovation, and every note is a step toward greatness. Join the ranks of artists who have entrusted their melodies to us, and let’s craft your musical destiny together.