Got promotion?? At we bring a variety of music promotion, marketing, research, strategy, creative, and production services to all musicians, music producers, artists, labels, and partners globally at a competitive and affordable price. We are real humans behind real desks working hard every day to make your project successful. Haha! We call ourselves cyborgs because we are a futuristic team, but also attached to our rig 24/7; something we couldn't live without anymore. Talk to us!

Let us do the DIRTY work for you!

It's Your Brand℠:

This branding service will help artists and labels by having our cyborgs check for the consistency of the brand online to meet with station managers and playlist curators' expectations.

Music Advising:

Get valuable insights into your music career with music advising. We will learn as much as about you and help you with clarifying your music career related questions.

Music Website Design:

Get your music website beautifully designed by our web designers. We will take note of your functional requirements and start building a website from scratch.

Pro Mixing:

Get your song mixed by one of our contracted mixing engineers! We will make sure the final mix exceed your expectations. We not only mix but control the quality of your mix until the end.

Spotify Playlist Promotion:

This is a secret to success in the modern era. Spotify is nothing without their popular playlists. We will submit your release to top Spotify playlists.

Worldwide Chart Registration:

Don't forget to make your tracks chart eligible before you release them. We will register your singles, EPs, and/or albums on official charts worldwide.

Worldwide Radio Promotion:

Releasing your album or single? Congratulations, champ! It's time to submit for radio. We will personally contact radio stations and deliver your release.


Just like a map to your travel plan, a clock to the marathon, and food for better health ... A carefully planned and executed music promotional effort is key to the door of 𝄞 success! We make it happen! No kidding!

And most importantly... No giving up!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

For Music Promotion & Services 

It's hard for us to guarantee your song will be picked up by music blogs, radio stations, or playlists even though we try our best... because we do not favor releases and remember the quality of the music we receive vary greatly. But... We guarantee you if we cannot bring any promised placements or results, we will fully refund the balance OR offer you alternative services per your request. We are a 100% customer-oriented company, and your satisfaction is our priority.

Satisfaction Guarantee