It’s Your Brand ℠

No promotion is fully effective if you do not have a professional look and "feel" consistently across your public content. We understand that you are a busy musician, songwriter, or music producer with time spent on writing great music. Our marketing cyborgs will go through all of your content online such as all releases, profile pictures, social media posts, web pages, public profiles, biographies, and the list goes on ... and let you know if there is anything inconsistent with your brand as an artist. The brand includes the style of your music and the public image you desire to present. We will deliver you with a detailed report about the current status and any recommendations to improve your content.

Please Note: This is not a service that we work on updating your current content, for example, writing a better biography if you don't currently have one. We do offer all of those marketing services if you reach out to us!

 Service Fee: $63 per artist 

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