Music Website For Artists & Labels

Are you looking to build your music website within your budget? You are at the right place! We can design and develop a music website for you according to your needs. You name it! If you preferred, our designers could recommend a good design for your content and requirements. Our prices are straightforward... you pay for only what you need.

How many webpages do you expect to have on your music website? For example, let's say 3 webpages including:

Page #1: "Homepage" with the most important information about you and a call-to-action button redirecting your fans to your music channels.

Page #2: "Releases" page with your current and previous releases with brief descriptions explaining why new fans must listen to your music.

Page #3: "Media" page with full-size photos with downloadable links for potential press to cover for you.

Anything else?

A website built for 3 webpages will only cost you a one-time fee of $63.

  • ♬ That's the number of webpages times the Service Fee
  • 3 web pages ✖ $21 $63


Other fees may include:

  • ♫ Web hosting fee: $9 / year
  • ♫ Domain registration (& renewal) fee: $19 / year
  • ♫ Updating website content: Free


It's that simple! Get your new website up and running within a week from

 Service Fee: $21 per webpage 

Please fill the form below. If you have questions, feel free to comment.