Pro Mixing

Our team of contracted mixing engineers will mix your song to the pristine quality in their professional studios. Once completed, your mix will go through our tracking chain to make sure any clicks and crackles are produced during the mixing process to further validate the quality of the product we provide to you. If the mixes are not up to the par, we will send them back to the mixing studio to receive a better version. The final result is that you will receive the best version of your mix through us.

Q: Why are you better than other mixing engineers?
A: We will not only mix your song, but we will further track your final mix for errors. Other professional engineers usually run the mix through the processing chain and upload it directly without taking extra time to critically analyze for minor errors such as induced clicks and crackles.
Q: What is your turn around time?
A: It depends on the project (Number of songs, versions, etc.) and the mixing engineers' availability. Our regular turnaround time is 2 weeks. If you have a strict deadline, we can let you know beforehand if we can meet your deadline or not. Please contact us below with the information about your release.

 Service Fee: $279 per song 

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