What is my genre?

Genre is a WORD music analysts created to categorize music for the convenience and consistency of music. You don’t find your genre in songwriting and production, the “genre” finds you. All you have to do is find out what makes you feel right, and where the consistency in your style of songwriting inhabits.

But if you really want to be very commercially oriented, maybe you must listen to a number of playlists available on music streaming services under different types of genres to learn about the common elements and sounds, and find out what your style of music matches the best. Thereafter, you can alter your rhythm, speed, song length, and instruments to match the elements of other songs in that playlist to write your music. This way you will have something similar to the genre of your music style, but remember, your music style as well as what you feel about your music comes first.. didn’t I tell you the “genre” finds you?? 

By popHoe.com