How music promotion works

How music promotion works? Let’s say you are an independent artist, and you wrote the greatest song of the year! And you took many weeks, and found out the best singer, music producer, mix engineer, and mastering engineer for your hottest new record! And obviously, you used to register your song for worldwide charts 2 weeks before your release date!

And now you are all excited to get more plays and fans to your new music! You release it, post it on all social media, promote your music on Instagram, and share a YouTube video! Soon... you realize your current fans and friends listened to your song, liked it, commented on it, but nothing more thereafter. Nothing seems to happen after about three months... Well, that’s because music promotion does NOT H.A.P.P.E.N... Ha! Now you know! There are three fundamental steps for music promotion to work, and each step must be carried out completely and competently! We want to emphasize this!

The three steps for music promotion are:

  1. Identifying the content, the market, and compatibility
  2. Strategizing the process
  3. Executing the plan

That’s how music promotion works! Simple! And we are here to help! We know as an independent artist you are excited but also exhausted by the long production process, and you would really like to hire a professional marketing firm (if you could) to promote your music, so it can, in fact, become the greatest song of the year! On™ we offer comprehensive music promotions services for all musicians all around the globe! Get a FREE quote by filling out this form or just check out our Pro Services here!

Quote of the day about music promotion:

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