Why is music promotion important?

Music promotion is how you get your music to potential fans. It is hidden in the strategy! It is all about what you must do first, before you decide to implement something else to promote your music. Music promotion is not just spending dollars on advertising. It is in the why, what, where, and how of all promotional efforts.

Let’s say… someone decides to buy studio hours for a recording with studio engineers for mixing & mastering and looks for the best studio within his budget. This individual goes online and looks at many websites, then decides on a music studio to rent. Did this person ask why? Well, he conducts a full orchestra and needs recording space for the upcoming album release. He needs enough space for all of his musicians. This person is located in Los Angeles, California but the recording studio is located in San Francisco, California. Now he must travel with all of his musicians. Wouldn’t it be easier to rent a studio in Los Angeles?

These are the questions we ask when we strategize promotion. Not exactly to buy studio space, but to identify promotional efforts. The reason why music promotion is important to artists is that it will get you to the right destination.

By popHoe.com